About Me

I’m not the Jane or Jack of All Trades, I am simply a Mélange Girl (or melangegrl) that was born and raised in Nyack, New York. It’s not one of the boroughs and it’s not upstate. It’s a nice little artsy town, 20 miles outside of Manhattan, that reminds me of the Noda area in Charlotte and Little Five Points in Atlanta.

I am a bonafide font junkie. I have a weekly subscription to download fonts. I hate default fonts, which is currently Calibri. It’s lazy and shows that you’ve made no effort in the presentation of your document.

I love the site letmegooglethatforyou.com. It’s a bad thing to have in my arsenal. Google it.

When I first started Mélange Events, it was a wedding planning company that would one day be an event venue. Over time, I realized that my passion was not in bustling dresses or managing guest lists, but about providing resources for brides and event planners. I love helping small businesses build their brands and helping brides find the right vendors for their perfect day. Soon, Mélange Events – The Venue, will be one of those resources.

I am also a dance mom. My daughter has been dancing since she was two and I’ve been that Company mom, that was a resource for the dancers and parents. When we moved to Charlotte in 2009, I was adamant that I would not be a Company mom again. Yet, two years after my daughter graduated, I am still a dance mom at Northwest School of the Arts. My work there, lead me to create Beyond the Stage and take my resources to the community.

I am a Free Agent (not an Empty Nester). My beautiful and talented, one-and-done daughter, Bryana is pursuing her dreams as a Dance major at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I did my part to facilitate her to the next chapter in her life, and now is my time as a free agent to focus on my entrepreneurial goals and dreams.